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visualising beats and harmonies

Public Press is a sound and music agency that stands out for its collaborative approach and commitment to sharing knowledge. They pride themselves on working openly and flexibly with the best talent to produce exceptional work, and their fresh perspective and funky beats are reflected in their visual identity and brand messaging.

To capture Public Press’ unique approach and personality, we created an identity that boldly embodies their passion for sound and music. We drew inspiration from waveform graphics, which represent the significance of sound in their work, and incorporated this visual element throughout.

As a sound and music agency, Public Press needs to be versatile and dynamic to cater to diverse clients and projects. That’s why we used a variable font in their logo, which can adjust to various contexts and mediums. This font and branding are a visual representation of Public Press’ innovative and flexible approach to sound and music design, making their brand recognisable and unique in all settings.

Overall, the branding we created for Public Press captures their collaborative and knowledge-sharing values, as well as their innovative and adaptable approach to sound and music design. It truly reflects Public Press’ unique personality and approach to their work.


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