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a brand for dog lovers

We started off by doing some deep digging into the dog treat industry and worked with Dog Street closely to figure out their perfect position, values, and target audience. After a thorough analysis, we identified some exciting opportunities for differentiation within the market and engaging dog lovers over shared values.

We realised that Australians are treating their dogs like family and are looking for all-natural dog treats that are responsibly sourced. This presented an opportunity for Dog Street to connect with their like-minded people and show wholeheartedly they are a brand that cares about providing premium, healthy dog treats that don’t tax the planet — in packaging that stands out from other ranges of dog treats by actually looking good at home or on store shelves.

To make it happen, we designed a brand that is visually captivating, flexible, and lively. We aimed for packaging that pops out on the shelf and brings a smile to people’s faces. We picked a range of colours, plus illustrations that are inviting and inclusive to form a relationship with all kinds of dog owners and allow them to see their dog represented.

Through crafting a genuine and bright brand experience, we successfully established Dog Street as a leading player in the Australian dog treat game.


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A whole ecosystem

Dog Street’s brand stands out for its memorability and consistency across all touch points within the customer journey — from product packaging to the e-commerce site and social media templates.

In developing the brand, there were two things that were important for the company; sustainability and budget-friendliness. To address these values, we created a budget-efficient packaging solution that uses the same bag design but features unique stickers for different products. We also prioritised sustainability by exploring a range of providers to find fully compostable bags and stickers printed with eco-friendly ink.

Another crucial aspect of the brand was its versatility. We aimed to create a set of brand elements that were easily interchangeable, allowing Dog Street to swap out photos, illustrations, and colours with minimal effort and design expertise. By doing so, we ensured that their branded materials remained engaging and memorable without becoming repetitive.


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“Superodd went above and beyond. They understood who our customers are and how to create an authentic relationship with them!”

Julie Dog Street

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