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• Infinite Illustration System


A brighter future with boundless opportunities

Boundless is a new organisation dedicated to transforming Australia into a renewable energy superpower. Through philanthropy, investment, and direct advocacy, they accelerate climate solutions and promote real change by collaborating with diverse stakeholders, including government, investors, technologists, grassroots movements, and everyday people.

The flexible and adaptable brand identity of Boundless reflects its role as a catalyst, activator, and facilitator of collaboration, allowing it to effectively communicate with a wide range of partners and audiences. The cohesive brand experience effectively communicates the organisation’s mission and values; from the concept of “Accelerating Forward Together” which is integrated throughout the design system as the Boundless logo expands beyond its boundaries, it serves as a powerful symbol of breaking through the limits of what’s possible in renewable energy, inspiring others to join the effort towards a more sustainable future.

The visual language of the logo and brand illustrations conveys Boundless’ relentless forward momentum and its commitment to coming together as a team to achieve milestones on the road to a more sustainable Australia. The colour palette, inspired by both technology and the environment, combines the contrasting hues of purple and green to reflect the dual focus of Boundless on both technological innovation and sustainability.

With its comprehensive strategy, dynamic and friendly brand identity, and forward-thinking vision, Boundless offers hope and a path forward towards a more sustainable future.


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• Boundless Iconography


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